Rick’s Gazette – Thursday May 10th


Hope everyone well and getting ready for this upcoming Weekend’s activities!

Saturday is the opening Mixer for the Ladies of Shelter Rock.. We here call it our “BLIND DRAW”.. The staff makes up a team of FOUR players. All FOUR are of different playing levels.
The team will then play against another team made up of similar design..
We will play three rounds, with different teams playing each other… CLEAR STUDENTS!!??
Bottom Line: Great Variety, Meet new players, Have Fun!
Check in is Saturday at 10:00 am!
Men’s Blind Draw is mustered in on Sunday at 8:15 (PLEASE NOTE THE TIME CHANGE: FROM 10:00 to 8:15) FORMAT SAME AS ABOVE!
First Shelter Rockers to grace and open the courts for the 2018 season , you ask?
Jeff ( The Animal) Litman , Richie (Mr. Weed, no not that kind of Weed!) Slone, Guy (The Cardinal ) Mazarin & Jeff (The Forehand) Fuller.,.New year, alas same results: Litman and Slone keep their unblemished record intact.. CAN’T ANYBODY BEAT THESE GUYS?
MATCH -O’ -THE-DAY: Vickie “O” & Debbie Resnick on A1 first court against The Marauding Molls of Mill River… 1:00, Match in it’s third hour..
4-5, Vickie & Debbie receiving..
1st point: Mill River , DOUBLE FAULT ( Wendy Siegel, Watching and swathed in blankets and over -coat gave them the evil -eye!)
2nd Point: Mill River (I forgot, sorry) 
3rd point: Debbie Resnick . Drop Dead Forehand winner .. They don’t get near it..
4th point (15-30) We won it , I turned away,.. couldn’t look
Match Point Shelter Rock: 10th stroke of the rally, Rick & Wendy Shivering & Chattering,
                                        Debbie hits another absolute cross-court winner..
                                        GAME -SET-MATCH Shelter Rock!!
                                        Debbie gives Vickie Bryan Brothers Like Chest Bump
                                        Mill River Molls Mystified
  Debbie Resnick after the match: Very, Very Satisfying
Our A2 gals traveled to Great Neck.. First court victory by Wendy B. (ochner)& Cathi (Suss) Sussman!..Well Done!
Kudos also go out  to Michele Garfield and Andrea (Big “Z” ) Zelnick. After dropping the first set In their 2nd court B2 match, they came back and won in three sets against the Crest Hollow Ladies.. Great come from behind victory!
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That’s all folks, see ya around the Courts!


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